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Larue County Picture Larue County Picture

LaRue County is known for its warmth and hospitality and its rural setting. The citizens take pride in the county's role as the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States. The county is served by an excellent highway system: Interstate-65 cuts across its western border; Lincoln Parkway leads to the Lincoln Birthplace and serves as a gateway to Kentucky's Cumberland Plateau; U.S. 31E and U.S. 31W bisect the county, along with a network of state and rural roads. These facilities give easy access to the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site, the Lincoln Boyhood Home on Knob Creek, the Lincoln Museum on Hodgenville's Lincoln Square, and the Lincoln Jamboree, one of the nation's finest country music shows.

The seat of LaRue County is Hodgenville, established in 1818; other communities include Athertonville, Buffalo, Lyons, Magnolia, Mt. Sherman and Upton. The county boasts a number of lovely churches, an excellent school system, an updated public library, good government, outstanding health care facilities, and an interesting and enthusiastic group of civic clubs.

The county has an active senior citizens organization, which enjoys its own modern building in downtown Hodgenville. Sunrise Manor, also in Hodgenville, is an outstanding nursing facility with residential, adult day care, and outpatient therapy services.

Recreational facilities include a golf course, several lakes, city parks with tennis, swimming and baseball, and much more.
The LaRue County School District provides all students with the knowledge, critical thinking and life skills to succeed in a diverse society. Various sports programs are offered within the School District, including the LaRue County Hawks Wrestling Program which has won numerous State Championships since 1999.

LaRue County looks to the future with its industrial park and efforts to attract job opportunities for its citizens. At the same time, it works to maintain the beauty and tranquility of its small town, rural atmosphere.

Come visit and see for yourself all that LaRue County has to offer!

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